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Editing Your Typepad Profile

Each Typepad account comes with a free profile, which sets you up for leaving comments on other blogs, with either your profile or blog linked to your name. Your profile also allows you access to some cool features like following friends and other Typepad bloggers, keeping up with important discussions, and more.

With password protection enabled for your entire site, your Typepad Profile will not be public.

Logging into Your Typepad Profile Account

Log in with your account’s email address and password here. If you are a Typepad blog subscriber, you will use the email address and password associated with your Typepad account. If you don’t have a Typepad Profile account, you can register for free here.

Editing Your Profile

Once logged in, click on Edit Your Profile. You can fill in and select the information you’d like to show on your public profile.

Important note for Typepad blog subscribers: information you change in your Typepad Profile will also be reflected inside your Typepad account in Account > Summary and vice versa.

Personal Info


Browse your saved files and upload an image you’d like to associate with your Typepad Profile identity. This can be a picture of yourself or a picture of something that identifies you. Your userpic will be displayed on your profile, as well as with your comment on blogs using Typepad Connect.

You can also add your Userpic to your blog’s sidebar. See the article on Author Profile Photo for more information.

Display Name

Your display name should be either your actual name or a nickname you’d like associated with your Typepad Profile identity. The display name will show on your Profile and as the name linked with your comments on blogs that are using Typepad.

Below is an example of a comment on a blog from a Typepad Profile user. This shows the userpic and display name:

Profile URL

Select a URL for your Typepad Profile. Your profile URL can contain letters, numbers, and/or underscores. Tip: You can link directly to your Typepad Profile page by clicking “View public profile” and copying the URL from your browser’s address bar.


Your location is where you’re from, where you live currently, or just your favorite place. We do not recommend giving out a specific address, unless it’s for a business or service. We suggest listing your city, state and/or country.

One-Line Bio

A short description of who you are to help other readers get to know you. Example: I’m an enthusiastic blogger with great ideas to share!


List your interests, separated by commas. Example: literature, dusty books, yarn, traveling.

Around the Web

Your Accounts Elsewhere

The “elsewhere” feature will allow you to link to your profile on a multitude of other services, including Twitter, FaceBook, and Flickr. If you add your Twitter account, that will populate the Status area of your public profile.

Clicking Add an Account will take you to the Other Accounts page. We have more information about the features on the Other Accounts page here.

Your Homepage URL

When leaving a comment on a blog, your Profile is set to be linked to your name by default. Use the Your Homepage URL field to add the URL you want linked instead.

Your Blogs

If you are a Typepad blog subscriber, you will see a list of your blogs that can be shared on you profile under Your Blogs. When a new post is published to a blog you’ve enabled for sharing, a link to the post will be showcased in the Recent Activity stream on your profile.

Profile Page

Recent Activity Module

By selecting this option you are choosing to show the Recent Activity module. This will share your recent comments and blog posts.

– See more at: http://help.typepad.com/editing_profile.html#sthash.rjT75Cwh.dpuf